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School of Progress

The School of Progress

What will be the new normal?

How will we create the new normal?



Activating the human instinct to move things forward in times of crisis—
a learning series with the team at Sylvain Labs.


Are you asking the right questions at this seminal moment? 


This isn’t the time to passively wait to see what emerges, but rather to lean in with vision and action to shape a better way forward. That's why we’ve created a digital learning series to awaken your human instinct to progress in times of crisis. We’ll leave you armed with the tools and techniques to apply those instincts to your organization, brand, and products in the future.


the three-part program


Part 01.
Call to Progress

1-hour inspiration session

What is included:

  • Case studies and best practices from leaders throughout history who progressed our world during crisis moments

  • Insight into how we can activate our natural human instincts and become catalysts ourselves

  • Introduction to the School of Progress skills kit, including 4 highly-actionable methodologies and tools


Part 02.
Our Social Drive

Four 1-1.5 hour activation workshops

What is included:

  • Background on how collaboration has been critical to our ability to  progress across time, and a peer discussion on implementing it well in modern business

  • Live immersion and hands-on practice with two tools for activating collaboration:

    New Normal Needs: An insightful technique for projecting consumer needs, attitudes and behavior that can guide brands and businesses in the future

    Conscious Role: A modern tool to define the role brands and companies can play among new consumer needs and how to play it well


Part 03.
our imaginative nature

Four 1-1.5 hour activation workshops

What is included:

  • A deep dive into the power of human imagination and how it has propelled us forward across history and in business today

  • Live immersion and hands-on practice with two tools for activating imagination:

    Disruptive Opportunities: A visionary technique to identify fertile opportunities for new growth amidst the disruption of the present crisis

    Inspired Actions: A creative tool that harnesses constraints to develop new and necessary marketing, product, and service solutions

Interested in joining the entire session as a team? Contact us here.


What you walk away with

Activate your team.

A clear path to activate your team toward progress in this time of crisis


Implement new tools.

The capability to implement 4 new proprietary tools and techniques toward action in the future


Find future opportunities.

A custom collection of consumer needs, future opportunity spaces, or marketing and innovation ideas that can be applied to your brand and business now


Gain insights from peers.

Connection and insight from industry peers


Our primary goal is to connect as leaders in action as we shape our roles going forward. With that in mind, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to United Way. We’re dedicated to helping relieve the struggles our local community is facing, in any small ways we can.

Helping our communities


our facilitators

MA180328 2.jpg

Alain Sylvain


Joey camire
managing director

Chris B 1.jpg

chris Konya
managing director


Sherry Rahmatian
managing director

Ben B 1.jpg

ben cheney
managing director


the sylvain labs team


merideth bogard
managing director


We believe this is a unique moment to shape the world.

Let’s not passively wait to see what emerges. Let’s lead with boldness and vision, and evolve beyond where we’ve been. Now is the time to re-establish ourselves in light of better ways forward. To activate the instinct to progress over all. Let’s come together as a group of peers and economic leaders to begin to envision the world we hope to shape out of this seminal moment in time.

Contact us

176 Grand St, 3rd Fl
New York, NY 10013



Sylvain Labs is a riddle, wrapped in a conundrum, shrouded in mystery, and thinly veiled in awesome.

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